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Kylie Minogue

Born May 28, 1968 In Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Kylie Minogue whose songs are popular all over the world (born May 28, 1968 in Melbourne, Australia) is an Australian pop singer who became famous after starring in the Australian TV series "Neighbors". In the late 1980s, Minogue was known in both Australia and the UK, and also achieved success in Asia and Europe.

Minogue has a very large following. She left Stock Aitken Waterman and PWL Studios in 1992 and was signed to Deconstruction (via BMG). Her next single, "Confide in Me", went to # 1 in Australia and became a hit in several European countries in 1994, and her duet with Nick Cave, "Where the Wild Roses Grow", brought Minogue great artistic stature. Drawing on a variety of musical styles, Minogue took creative control of the song for her next album, Impossible Princess (1997). Her music videos featured a more sexually provocative and flirty personality, and several singles followed.

Minogue's biggest hit to date is Can't Get You Out Of My Head, which was featured on the world famous Fever album. It reached # 1 in 40 countries, including the United States. Minogue gained recognition and sold over ten million copies worldwide. She has become one of the most successful female performers in the world with # 1 hits spanning three decades and is considered a national treasure in both the UK and her native Australia.

In 2005, halfway to her Showgirl: The Greatest Hits Tour, Minogue was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer, forcing her to stop her Australian tour. The news shocked fans and non-fans alike, and the "Kylie" effect was felt by breast cancer charities - both in terms of donations and an increase in requests from interested women of all ages. Through her personal suffering, Minogue has inadvertently raised global awareness of breast cancer issues. After successfully going through a tough twelve month battle with the disease in early July 2006, Minogue announced the rescheduled dates of her Showgirl: The Homecoming Tour - a concert on November 11, 2006 in Sydney, as well as additional dates, taking the revamped show to London and Manchester in January 2007...

Although Minogue plays a more prominent role in music, Minogue returns to acting - her most recent project is a famous role alongside David Tennant in the Doctor Who Christmas 2007 episode, Journey of the Damned.

On November 12, 2007, Minogue released the single 2 Hearts, which peaked at # 4 on the UK Chart and also peaked at # 1 in Australia. The album earned her a BRIT Award nomination for Best International Album. On the album, she collaborated with many writers and producers, including Calvin Harris. The following year, Minogue won the Best International Female Soloist at the 2008 BRIT Awards, and in May she was also honored with France's highest cultural award, the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres.

On December 1, 2008, Coldplay launched a collaborative project with Minogue, Lhuna, at the launch of the WRRE ™ (RED) World AIDS Day 2008 website. It would be the world premiere of the song.

Minogue's tenth studio album, X, received a Grammy Award nomination for Best Electronic / Dance Album of 2009. This was her fifth Grammy nomination.

In 2010, Minogue released her 11th studio album, Aphrodite, which premiered as the hit single All the Lovers, one of her most successful singles to date. With Aphrodite, Minogue became the first female singer to ever have a # 1 album in the UK charts for 4 consecutive decades. In 2011, she embarked on the Les Folies Tour, which took place across 5 continents.

Minogue celebrated her 25th anniversary in the music industry in 2012.

Minogue also released a compilation album, The Abbey Road Sessions, in October 2012. The album contained revised and orchestral versions of her previous songs. It was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London and was produced by Steve Anderson and Colin Elliot. The album received positive reviews from music critics, and it debuted at number two in the UK. Minogue also starred in two films; cameo appearance in the American independent film Jack and Diane; and a leading role in the French film Holy Motors. Minuog recorded his twelfth studio album in the spring of 2012. Singer Kylie Minogue shoots her clips from very famous clip makers, but the viewer only benefits from this many times over. Despite her professional fatigue, singer Kylie Minogue defined 2018 for herself as the year of new achievements and creative growth. All fans of Kylie Minogue's work can download photos of her creative activity from the singer's official website.